“Our Mandate is to acquire, preserve and make available to the public, records of enduring value to Middlesex Centre and in particular to the former Townships of Delaware, Lobo, London and Portions of Westminster.”


 A number of years ago a committee was created to establish a Middlesex County Archives. As part of the work of that committee, we held a number of information sessions and asked citizens to sign a petition of support.

The County decided not to pursue a Middlesex County Archives.  Our group realized that we still were faced with a large number of archival materials in private citizens’ homes and in former municipal offices. We sought the support of Middlesex Centre Council. They generously donated the former Delaware township offices in order for us to establish a Middlesex Centre Archives (MCA), as a sub-committee of the Middlesex Centre Historical Society.   MCA is servicing the former townships of Delaware, Westminster, Lobo and London. With Council’s support and countless volunteer hours from many dedicated people across Middlesex Centre and beyond, this project has become a reality.

On 21 December 2015 Middlesex Centre Archives incorporated with the support and recognition of the Ontario Historical Society.

  • Continue to collect and protect the documentary heritage of the community.
  • Develop and grow as a recognized municipal archive.
  • Continue to fundraise to continue our work.


  • Participate in various local functions including:
    • Poplar Hill School Picnic
    • Ilderton Fair
    • Canada Day
    • Heritage Week Events
    • Archives Awareness Week
    • Other activities that may arise


  • Local histories, genealogies, publications
  • Old account books, minute books
  • Social organization records
  • Church and cemetery records
  • Local business records
  • Family histories
  • Historical photographs and letters
  • Former Township records